Fisherman’s Rib Cowl

Hand-crafted gifts and apparel



Hand crafted apparel for every season and mood. From cozy warm scarves to creatively decorated flip-flops, find a piece to add to your collection that will speak to your personality and style.

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‘Tis the season for festive hats. Get yourself into the holiday spirit with a themed hat or buy a gift for a friend to lift their mood.

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Show you care by picking one of our carefully crafted gifts. Coupled with Avon products that you can find at washable cotton loofahs and more can be found here.

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About the Creator

Learning to crochet at the age of 8 has been a useful skill. Being able to make a heart felt gift or project with my own two hands has lead me to build my own business to help others find that special something for their home, wardrobe or gift for someone in their life. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and forms of art in which to dabble and love perfecting my crafts of crochet and knit.

Custom blankets are a wonderful way to show you care. By taking an image that reminds you of the person and putting it on a blanket, you can give the giftee a sense of comfort and well-being while showing how much you know and care about them. It’s my favorite way to tell someone how much they mean to me.

Creator Sara wearing a Fisherman’s Rib Cowl in Blue

A hand-made item can made a difference in the world. Bringing the wearer comfort or a sense of their own style.

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