The Adventures of Frank E. Furtor: Welcome to Foodville

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Frank E. Furtor and his best friend, Mussy, are ordinary kids who do ordinary things just like you. When danger threatens Foodville, they become superheroes and save the day. Come join in the adventure as Frank E. Furtor and Mussy become...The Furtunator and The Yellow Avenger. Defenders of Foodville!!!

Introducing kids to new foods in a fun way to important step to getting them to eat a wide varieties of food. Come join the fun as Frank E. and Mussy fight off the evil Captain Von Kraut and his partner Pickle Relish. And remember you too can fight crime, one fruit or vegetable at a time!!

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Get into the holiday mood by donning festive holiday themed hats. Jack-o-Laterns, Turkeys, Elf Ears, Snowman and Bearded Santa Hats.

Cup Cuddlers

Enjoy your holiday drink with a built-in coaster. Match them to your themed hat.

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Themed Cup Cuddlers

Keep your drinks coastered and festive in a themed cup cuddler.  Comes in pumpkin, turkey, elf ear and Santa boots.


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These festive hats come in 3 sizes: Small (14″), Medium (18″) and Large (22″) and 3 themes : Bearded Santa, Snowman and Elf Ears.   Size are approximate and material is stretchy.

Bearded Santa Hat  $25 + shipping and tax